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Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Offered jointly by the UCI School of Education and UCI Division of Continuing Education.

This credential authorizes the holder to provide administrative services for grades K-12 including:

  • The development and assessment of instructional programs
  • The management of school site, district, or county fiscal services; hiring, assigning, supervising, and evaluating certificated and classified personnel
  • Providing discipline to students and employees
  • Development of student support services

Who Should Enroll?

Before enrolling in a preparation program for the Preliminary ASC, you should:

  • Possess a valid life or clear California teaching credential or services credential along with a baccalaureate degree and (if applicable) English learner authorization
  • Meet the basic skills requirement
  • Complete a minimum of five years of full-time service in public schools or private schools. (If you do not have the five years, please contact Education Programs at or (949) 824-7945. It may be possible to be admitted to the program and complete the five years of full-time service at the time of recommendation for the Preliminary ASC.)
  • Access to educational leadership administrative activities and site-based supervisor to participate in EDUC X397A and EDUC X397B Supervised Administrative Field Work (please note that X397A is taken prior to X398B, not concurrently)

How do I apply to UCI Division of Continuing Education’s Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program?

You must apply to the program prior to beginning coursework. Enrollment does not constitute admission to the program. Your completion requirements are based upon when you are admitted to the program, not when you began taking coursework.

The application packet includes the following:

  • A completed application form
  • Copy of valid life or clear California teaching or service credential or credentials
  • Copy of basic skills requirement
  • Official verification of at least five years of full-time employment on a valid California teaching or services credential
  • Statement of Purpose
  • References

For detailed information on the documents included in the application packet, visit the program's Student Handbook.

Click here to complete the application form and to submit the required documents stated above. Please submit the required documents in pdf format.

What courses are required for the program?

Approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the Preliminary ASC program consists of 11 classes totaling 36 units. All coursework must be completed with a grade of “B” or better. All requirements must be completed within five (5) years after the student enrolls in his/her first course.

Is there a required sequence of courses?

Although there is not a required sequence of courses, it is recommended completing at least one quarter's worth of coursework in the program prior to enrolling in EDUC X397A and EDUC X397B Supervised Administrative Field Work. EDUC X397A must be completed prior to enrolling in EDUC X397B.

Stay Informed About
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential


  • Following the completion of the courses and comprehensive exam, what next steps are involved?
  • Submit an application packet to the Credential Analyst at the UCI School of Education. You will need to submit the following documents and materials to process your Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or Certificate of Eligibility:
    • One official sealed transcript reflecting grades for all required courses
    • Completed credential application (download from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website)
    • Official verification for 5 years of full-time employment on a valid California teaching or service credential if not submitted at the time of admissions
    • Verification of employment as an administrator or complete a certificate of eligibility
    • A valid credit or debit card will be necessary to make payment directly to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing via CTC website (You will receive email directions after your application has been submitted by the credential analyst.)
    • A $125.00 check must made payable to UC Regents. UCI charges $125 for processing the Preliminary ASC credential recommendation. This fee is in addition to the $102.50 fee paid to the CTC.
  • How do I prove to my school district that I will be receiving the credential?
  • Once all required documents are submitted and the credential analyst has processed your credential recommendation with the CTC, you will receive an email requesting payment from the CTC. For more detailed directions on how to pay for your credential after UCI has recommended you, go to CTC's Quick tips-How to Complete Your Online Recommendation. After payment is received and the CTC completes your application process, you will receive a second email confirming the payment for your credential. You can use this email as verification for your district that your credential is being processed. Recommendations completed online are normally processed within 10 working days and posted to the CTC website. Employers and education agencies seeking proof that a document has been granted by the Commission may use the “Search for an Educator” button on the CTC website and key in the SS# and DOB of the person whom they wish to verify to view the electronically displayed information for the official record.
  • What if I have completed the coursework and comprehensive exam, but I do not yet have a job as an administrator?
  • It is still very important to submit all of the documents required above EXCEPT for the verification of employment as an administrator to the credential analyst. The credential analyst will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility, which has no expiration date. You will indicate on your downloaded CTC application you are applying for your Certificate of Eligibility under Term. Once you obtain an administrative position, you and your school district will need to file for your Preliminary Administrative Services Credential with the CTC.
  • What will I do to renew the Preliminary Administrative Credential?
  • In order to clear the credential you must complete a Clear Administrative Services Credential program and be recommended for the clear credential. See the UCI Division of Continuing Education website for more information on the Clear Administrative Services Credential program. Note: To be admitted to UCI Division of Continuing Education's Clear Credential, you must enroll in the program within 120 days of your initial hire as an administrator.

IMPORTANT: It is extremely important that you apply for either your credential or the Certificate of Eligibility immediately after completing the required coursework and comprehensive exam. We will not make a credential recommendation if the coursework and comprehensive exam have not been completed within the last 5 years.

Supervised Administrative Fieldwork

Candidates for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential conduct Supervised Administrative Fieldwork under the guidance of a Site Mentor selected by the candidate. The required 80-hours of Fieldwork may include activities such as:

  • serving as a grade-level or department leader,
  • leading a committee or working with a parent advisory group,
  • serving on a planning team, or
  • planning and implementing a large event at the site, district, or organization level.

Evidence of completion of activities aligned to the California Professional Standards for Educational Leadership (CPSEL) are maintained and submitted at specific points during the experience.

Comprehensive Exam

The Preliminary ASC program culminates with a comprehensive examination based on the major issues covered in the curriculum of the program. This is a take-home, open-book, open-note examination that is taken after all coursework has been completed. Each instructor provides one or two essay questions from each course. This is a pass/fail exam administered and evaluated by the program director, Susan Belenardo. There are no additional fees for this exam.

Advisory Committee

  • Susan Belenardo, Superintendent, La Habra City USD
  • Liane Brouillette, Associate Professor, UCI School of Education
  • Monica Colunga, Principal, Irvine Unified School District
  • Catherine D’Aoust, Coordinator, Instructional Services (retired), Saddleback Valley USD
  • Darlene Le Fort, Superintendent, Coastline Regional Occupational Program
  • Christina Giguiere, Principal, Irvine USD
  • Thomas Jacobson, Assistant Superintendent (retired), Newport-Mesa USD
  • Kathleen Ossenmacher, Teacher, Newport Mesa USD
  • Virginia Panish, Director of Teacher Education, UCI School of Education
  • Tim Reece, Principal, Capistrano USD
  • Jeanne Sesky, Teacher, Oxford Academy
  • Sarah Singh, Credential Analyst and Counselor, UCI School of Education
  • Robert Taylor, Superintendent, Walnut Valley USD
  • Ronald Wenkart, General Counsel, OC Department of Education
  • Matthew Witmer, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, Walnut Valley USD
English Proficiency Requirement
All certificate programs at UCI Division of Continuing Education (classroom and online formats) require professional-level English language proficiency in listening and note-taking, reading comprehension and vocabulary, written expression, and oral presentation.