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Grades & Transcripts

As an ACCESS UCI student, you will be graded like any other UCI student, except your name will not appear on the regular class roster. A few days after you officially enroll, faculty members can view your name on their Web Roster report. Final grades are available two weeks after your final exam. Final grades can be viewed by accessing your web account.Grades earned through the ACCESS UCI program are recorded only at UC Irvine Extension. They are not automatically transferred to the UCI Registrar. Units earned through the ACCESS UCI Program may be transferable to the university.

You have up to one year (or less according to your instructor's discretion) to change an incomplete (I) grade. An incomplete grade can be revised only through arrangements with the instructor. You also have one quarter to change your No Record (NR) to a letter grade or it will default to an "F" or "NP" grade per UCI Academic Senate Policy.

Visit the UC Irvine Extension Transcipts page for more information about obtaining your transcipts.

Payment Information

For Access UCI classes, pay fees by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. A check returned unpaid by the bank, a stop payment placed on check, or a credit card declined for payment does not constitute an official withdrawal from courses. There is a $25 returned check fee. If you have unpaid fees you will not be able to enroll in classes, receive grades, or transcripts until such time as full payment is made by cash, cashier's check, or money order. If you find it necessary to drop, please refer to the withdrawal section.

UCI Library

Library card application forms are available at the UC Irvine Extension Student Services Office. After you enroll, you may stop by the office or call (949) 824-5414 to receive the application. Library cards are issued by the UCI Library.

Courses with Labs

All lab fees are included in the course fee that you pay through UC Irvine Extension. Keep your receipt in the event you need to show proof of payment. Exception: Lab fees for art Studio Art classes must be paid to the university cashier's office and are nonrefundable. Please keep your receipt for verification purposes.

Maximum Classes

Those enrolling through Access UCI are held to a maximum of 2 courses and may not exceed 8 units per quarter. If you are trying to complete a degree from UCI, you may exceed this limit only if you have a letter of authorization from your academic counselor. If you cannot obtain a letter from your academic counselor, or you have no future plans to attend UCI, you may petition with the Registrar of UC Irvine Extension. Please submit your petition or authorization letter along with your Access UCI Enrollment form(s).

Students intending to transfer course credit to another college or university should first verify acceptance of the course at that institution.

Student Parking

A parking permit is required to park on the UCI campus at all times. Permits are available from the UCI Parking & Transportation Services, Building 7, Room 200, or you can use the metered parking spaces. Vehicles without a permit will be ticketed. For more information, call Parking & Transportation at (949) 824-7486.

Transferable Units

The ACCESS UCI Program does not award degrees. If you wish to attend UCI on a full-time basis, you should apply for admission as a regular student. Admitted UCI Students are required to follow the guidelines outlined in the UCI General Catalogue. If you intend to transfer ACCESS UCI units to a degree program at UCI, you should verify acceptance of these units with the Admissions Office at (949) 824-6703. If you are taking graduate level classes, please consult the appropriate department to determine the acceptability of ACCESS UCI credit. Courses taken through ACCESS UCI are transferable to many academic institutions. Please consult with the school you are transferring to before enrolling in ACCESS UCI to determine if the course(s) are transferable. UCI is on the quarter system. One quarter unit equals 2/3 of a semester unit.


Fees for Access UCI are assessed on a per course basis. Download the Access UCI Fee Schedule.

Drops & Refunds

If you are unable to take the course as scheduled, you need to officially drop the class. Non-attendance in a class or notification to the instructor does not constitute official dropping of a course. Failure to withdraw from a course may result in a no report (NR), incomplete (I), or failing grade (F). Please obtain a Withdrawal Form from the University Extension Student Services Office. An NR becomes and F or NP after one year. Contact your instructor about the possibility of replacing it with a grade.

The professor's signature and/or departmental approval is required for all withdrawals. Submit the signed Withdrawal Form to the UC Irvine Extension Student Services Office by 5 p.m. the Friday of the second week of the quarter. If you do not officially withdraw from a class, you will receive a failing grade.

There is a $30 service charge retained per class for all refunds. Refunds are not available after the second week of the class.

Note: Other departmental, school or instructor deadlines and/or restrictions may apply.

Computer Privileges

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides network access and email accounts to ACCESS UCI students. You can access these services by using your “UCInetID” (your campus login) and password. Your UCInetID needs to be “activated” before you can use it – this process also allows you to choose your password. Go to UCInetID Activation. Choose the link Faculty, Staff and Students under UCInetID Activation and follow the instructions. For your student number, use “X” plus the last 7 digits of your Extension ID# (for example, X1234567). Your UCInetID may be activated three business days after your ACCESS UCI enrollment is process and it remains valid for the quarter you are enrolled. For information on how to setup and check your UCI email account, please visit the Getting Started with E-mail page.

Computer labs are available for your use throughout the campus. Current information on drop-in labs may be found at the OIT Drop-In Labs page. For more information visit the OIT web site or call the OIT Help Desk at 949-824-2222. Option #2.

Campus Recreation

ACCESS UCI students may join the Anteater Recreation Center at the Affiliates Rate. Any questions on eligibility or membership should be directed to Campus Recreation Services at (949) 824-5346.