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A Custom Program is an academic program tailored to meet the specific needs of a group. Custom Programs are ideal for groups who want to participate in a UC Irvine Extension program, but need the timeframe, educational focus and content of the course to fit them.

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A Custom Program has many benefits. Individuals walk away with expanded professional skills and academic knowledge, stronger English communication skills and a new perspective in their particular area of work or study.

Companies benefit from the experience too. Employees who participate in a Custom Program leave with enhanced skills to perform more effectively in their jobs. They will be equipped with new tools and ways of thinking, which they can apply to their work, improving efficiency and performance for themselves and their co-workers, positively impacting your company's bottom line.

Universities benefit from student participation as well. Students who participate in a Custom Program are prepared and able to share their knowledge with their peers. The Custom Program experience can become part of a student's university educational experience. Alumni with this international experience add to your University's prestige. In addition, through a Custom Program, your University can enhance its reputation through the development of a relationship with one of the United States' leading public universities.

30+ Years of English and Certificates of Internationals